Monday, 21 September 2015

RIP, @PixelDoggy

There are many tears being shed in the anipal community today at the news that one of the best-loved of anipals, @PixelDoggy, is making the journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Pixel has not been well for some time, and as it became clear that she would not recover her family have made the painful decision to let her join her sisfur Angel @JinJinDoggy at the Bridge.  

Ahoy there!: @PixelDoggy
takes to the water
Along with Angel Jinny and younger brother @OtisDoggy Pixel has been a loyal and long-serving Barktender at #NipClub, as well as providing a lot of enjoyment to the many pals that she befriended at #LakeWithPetie, and her unfailing kindness and sense of fun have always made her immensely popular. She's joined enthusiastically in lots of crazy adventures, and it's good to see that today's floods of tears as the news has spread across the anipal community are being sweetened by a lot of reminiscences of the laughter she has brought to many anipals. 

Cheerleading: @PixelDoggy raises
the roof for Green Bay Packers
Today at 6pm EDT (11pm in the UK) @danapixie will be reciting Kaddish for Pixel on the #Kaddish4Pixel hashtag. For those unfamiliar with Kaddish it's a beautiful prayer, and you can read the words here. If you're following on a smartphone and can't keep an eye on the translation as well as the Twitter timeline, you can still join in by reading through the prayer first, then watching Twitter and tweeting Amen when others do. By doing so you'll bring a lot of comfort to Pixel's family, and it will show them how much we appreciate her.

Although today is a sad one for all who love Pixel, it's also an occasion to be thankful to her family for the years they've shared her with us. We have loved every moment of her company, and we want to share that love with her family as she is reunited with her beloved sisfur Angel Jinny at the Bridge. 

That's why my belated Thankful Thursday post this week is dedicated to a very special anipal, dear @PixelDoggy. 
Classic entrance: @PixelDoggy and
sisfur Angel @JinJinDoggy arrive in
style at NipClub in their Chevvy

"The pipes are calling": @PixelDoggie
joins in NipClub Bagpipe Boogie

Pals in pink: @PixelDoggy and brofer
@OtisDoggy take part in a Paintball contest
Reunited: @PixelDoggy and
sisfur Angel @JinJinDoggy


  1. That is so very sad, I sure hate that news. Love and hugs to that very special family.

  2. Shayna this is a very beautiful heartfelt tribute yo our special pal @pixeldoggy. Thank you for doing this. Pixel and JinJinDoggy snd their humans are very special to M and me. We had so many good times at paw parties. Pixel will be sadly missed by all her knew her.

    1. Thanks, Mario! Was crying when I wrote it - Pixel & JinJin were among the first pals I made, and it's so sad to see their humans grieving. I hope seeing pals say how much they love them will be some comfort to them.

  3. Oh that is very sad! The Staff doesn't let me go on twitter much, she says it confuses her!!! But we send sincere condolences to Pixeldoggy humans xxx

  4. PepiSmartDog: aawwwww! Beautiful post on our deal pal Pixel. Mum was very saddened when she heard the news. Pixel, Jinny and their mom Jodie are long term friend's of ours. I will be writing a special article for Pixel, very shortly.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. We are always thrilled to see you and hope you’ll be back this week too. *waves paw* :=o)

  5. Awwwww, such sad news :( prayers hugs and love ❤️

    Basil & Co

  6. what a beautiful tribute Shayna. xox


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