My name is @ShaynaCat, and I'm an anipal. 

If that sounds strange to you, let me explain a little. 

Anipals are a bunch of ANImal PALS, shortened to anipals for convenience. The community includes every kind of critter that inhabits social media - cats, dogs, horses, birds, rabbits, goldfish, plushies, stuffies, and even the (very) occasional anipal-friendly human! We let our humans type for us, and that's about the only part they usually get to play. 

There are lots of us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc, and we have a very active social life. If there are two classic songs that define the anipal community they're We Are Family, because we stand by our pals in good times and in bad, share each other's joys and dry each other's tears in times of sorrow, and Good Vibrations, because we believe in sharing fun and laughter, and in adding some positive energy to the world.

I've been a social media DJ for almost 5 years, working mainly at NipClub, which I now run, but also doing other gigs as they come along. NipClub (it references catnip, by the way) is an anipal nightclub providing entertainment every Thursday night and the second weekend of every month. As well as rocking the Twitterverse NipClub's other purpose is to raise funds for animal rescues and small shelters, and of course all of us who work there are volunteers.  

Among other things I'm also the Social Events Correspondent for the Anipal Times, which is great because I get to go to everything from Red Carpet occasions to a steampunk tour of the galaxy with #TheAviators

Oh, and there's a third classic song that we identify with, too! We do so like to have Fun, Fun, Fun... 

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