Thursday, 16 July 2015

Thankful Thursday - For All Who Work At #NipClub

One of NipClub's first DJs:
Club Manager
This #ThankfulThursday I want to give a huge meow-out to all the anipals who work at NipClub, the online nightclub which does double duty as an entertainment for anipals and also as a fundraiser for small no-kill rescues and animal shelters. Most of our customers very understandably have no idea at all of how much work goes on behind the scenes as well on the timeline, but the fact it takes me around 30 minutes at the end of every weekend pawty to post my thanks to all of them should make the point - especially as I generally thank around 6 pals in each one of those tweets! And apart from those who do their work in public and whose names you recognise even THAT is generally limited to the leaders of the teams who work so hard and loyally behind the scenes, 'cos if I listed absolutely everyone who helps I'd need to start mid-morning with some hours still to go. 

High paws to pals:
joint NipClub Manager
You probably know a lot of our front-of-house folks already - our DJs, Barktenders, Quizzers and Sekurity staff work right where you can see and interact with them. They'd be the first to admit, though, that they're actually just the tip of NipClub's iceberg, and hard though they work the club would not be running long without our back-room folks. 

We have pals who think up themes, devise the entertainments, vet suggested charities to make sure they meet the club's criteria, co-ordinate and schedule the shifts for all the club staff that you see online, produce the pawesome graphics, update the blogs, source prizes, and work each day and every day to publicize events and make sure patrons know what's going on at NipClub... and the best of all is, they are great fun, enthusiastic and a total joy to work with!

So, on behalf of all the charities that NipClub helps, and all the anipals we entertain, I'm very thankful for the great team that I have the honor to be leader of. 


  1. Hey, Shayna. Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving the kind message about our old friend who moved on to a nursing home. Prayers for him are always welcome!

    We've been reading some of your posts. Wow! You are heavily involved in helping others. Since you're a cat on social media, we wonder if you would like to be interviewed for Mousebreath ezine. You can check out our interviews there. If you are interested, email us via the contact form on our blog and we'll get right back to you.

    1. Thanks - just been reading it, & I'd love to! I'll fill out the form after NipClub - thanks for inviting me :-)

  2. Hey, you need to do the Mousebreath interview! One of this days I will have to make my way back to Nip Club, it has been a long time since I was there.

    1. Thank you! Delighted to tell you I just got a Mousebreath invite, so you might be reading that shortly :D Will be delighted to see you at NipClub any time - we're open every Thursday 4pm-1am EDT, & second weekend of every month from Saturday 2pm EDT for 24 hours :-)


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