Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Very Social Sunday

Happy #SnuggleSunday, everyone! 

Were you at the Opening Ceremony of the #TeddyOlympics last night? As always it was spectacular, and I especially loved the Kung-Fu display. There'll be more about it in the Anipal Times on Tuesday, so for now I'll just say that from all the training that's been going on it looks like these Games might be the best ones yet! 

Purring for peace:
Angel @ChloeToby & fur-sibs
If you have the chance, I hope you'll come to #Purrs4Peace today at 3pm EDT (8pm in the UK). In case it's something that you you haven't been to yet, I should tell you that it doesn't matter if you don't actually purr - any gentle sound you make will do just fine. "Peace" also has a very broad definition - we purr for all sorts of things, from shelter anipals finding their forever home to anipals and humans caught up in natural disasters. It's a beautiful tradition that was started by @ConfuciusCat and it's now led by my fellow #Purrkateers @LilyLuWhoT and @ChloeToby. In theory it only takes 3 minutes, but it usually takes a little longer to get all our purrs, woofs, chirps, neighs, etc in. It's a lovely thing to be a part of and all species are very welcome, including the occasional human!

Refreshments at #FBjam: Menu by
@HRHDuchessII & @TweetingTruman
Tonight is also time for #FBjam, and @Feral_Beast will be taking the stage from 6-9pm EDT (that's 11pm-2am in the UK). We play every Sunday night except the second Sunday in each month, because most pals are just about pawtied-out after that weekend's #NipClub monthly! This week's theme is honoring our pals at the RB, and it's a chance to show that we remember them with love. As always, top chefs @TweetingTruman and @HRHDuchessII will have a pawesome Menu for you to enjoy while you're watching the band, and there's plenty of room for you to dance. 

P.S. If you haven't got your copy of @SquirtTheCat's hilarious Reservoir Cats book yet, please remember that the free offer ends today, so you might want to head on over to Amazon and snag your copy before it disappears. It's very funny, and you won't be disappointed!   

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