Saturday, 27 June 2015

Live And Let Purr

I love the smell of coffee in the morning - it means that only a few feet away there is a human, awake, alert (well, kinda, anyway) and going about a human's proper business of serving cats. 

In harmony: Ivory and Ebony
This morning was slightly different, though. Instead of caterwauling her way through any of her favourite songs, as usual, Mom was stomping around the kitchen muttering things about people planning an attack on London. Today's Armed Forces Day, and there was a pile of newspapers on the kitchen table. The headlines were about the foiling of an alleged plot to bomb the nation's capital, and as London (just outside it, anyway) is where my Mom was born she takes that very personally. To put it mildly, she was mad.

Spaniel pal: Barney
As a kitty, of course, I don't think much of human politics. They're far too divisive for my liking, and too few politicians address the important things, like insisting we're entitled to at least a minimum amount of noms, treats, toys and cuddle time. What I do wonder about, though, is how a species that imagines it's intelligent can feel the need to kill other members of its species just 'cos they have different beliefs, or why some think that others are inferior 'cos of their gender, age, orientation, whatever that is, or the color of their skin. I can't imagine falling out with any of my tuxie, Russian Blue or panfur pals just 'cos they're not tabbies, and there are two doggies nearby that I get on fine with, too, so how is it that the supposedly most important critters on the planet can't do the equivalent? 

I guess it's just 'cos even at their best they're only human...  

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