Thursday, 25 June 2015

Flame Of Friendship

Anyone got any tips for drying out a soaking-wet human? It was sunny when mine left the house, and then the heavens opened... I've packed her off to get a shower and promised to lend her my fur-dryer, so while she's out of the way I'm going to get on with my blog.

Something very exciting happened yesterday, and I can't wait to tell you all about it - I saw @SophiaFuzzy with the #TeddyOlympics flame! 

Golden Flame:
carries the
#TeddyOlympics torch
I'd heard there was a chance it might come this way, so I piled some treats up on the window-sill so that I could sit here and watch out for it. I'd waited quite a while and was beginning to wonder if I might perhaps have got the wrong day, or something, when I heard the sound of cheering in the distance and saw the first of the motorcycle outriders passing by. Mom had told me about those when she went to see the flame for the human Olympics held in London back in 2012 so I knew straight away what they meant - the flame was on its way! 

The cheering got louder and louder, and pals came out of lots of houses hoping to see the flame, then I saw a little figure in the distance coming closer. I was so excited that I started to cheer, too, and then suddenly Sophia was right outside, the #TeddyOlympics torch held proudly in her paw!   

I called out to her and waved my paw, and she turned around and smiled right at me and waved back! The flame looked beautiful in its golden torch, and I was so pleased to see Sophia wearing her Arsenal top, as of course they're my team, too. 

Striking a pose: @OllyTed
demonstrates one of the events
at #TeddyOlympics
In case you're not aware of the #TeddyOlympics, they're one of the big highlights of the anipal year. They're run by @SpencerTeddy and @OllyTed, and there are lots of pawesome events for you to enter, or just watch if you prefer. They aren't just for teddies - they're open to all anipals, and events include Hugs, Naps, Pose, Spawts, Treats, and Woogling. 

The Opening Ceremony this year is on Saturday June 27 at 2pm EDT (that's 7pm in the UK), and everyfur is welcome. There will be noms, drinks and dancing in Gilbert's Ice Bar, and you are guaranteed to have a pawesome time! In the meantime, don't forget to look out for the Olympic Flame, and if you see it please tweet @OllyTed and tell him which town or city you were in at the time 'cos he would love to add it to his map. All the torchbearers would love you to look out for them and give them a paw-wave and a shout-out - it's a real proud moment for them, and they'd love to share it with you! 

Hope to see you all on Saturday! 


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