Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Welcome to my windowsill!

Hi, everyone, and welcome to my windowsill! It's quite large, so there's plenty of room to hang out and enjoy the sun-puddles. The window faces south, so there's usually a lot of sun, but today it's been heavy mist and rain all day. The room's quite warm, though, so it doesn't really matter, and the upside is that a couple of forlorn sounding meows always get me a few extra treats.

It's interesting watching passers-by, too. The Bermuda shorts and sun-glasses that people were sporting yesterday have morphed back into anoraks and hoods, and I saw several dogs earlier having to be practically dragged on walkies! 

On #DalekPatrol: @SquirtTheCat
At the other side of the room there sits a female human reading a book by one of my great furriends, @SquirtTheCat. I've meowed her into reading it, 'cos I'm the first kitty who has owned her and she still has a tremendous lot to learn. It's called Reservoir Cats, and it's about Squirt himself, and his life and his adventures. He's a remarkable kitty, and his book begins with how he used his intellect to make sure he got the home he wanted. I can promise you, the book is brilliant! 

I first met Squirt when he joined Snick's Sekurity, the company which pawtekts and serves during #NipClub pawty weekends. He's as brave as he's resourceful, and there's a story doing the rounds that he's not even afraid of the vacuum-cleaner and sits immoveable in the middle of the room while his Staff move the machine around him! 

Free this week from Amazon:
Reservoir Cats
Anyway, the book's a pawesome read and the great news is, it's absolutely free! From now till Sunday you can download it from Amazon for nothing, so do go give yourself and your humans a treat by getting it - you won't be disappointed!

Don't worry if you don't have a Kindle, by the way, 'cos there are other ways of reading it. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone 7 or a Blackberry you can get an app to let you read it, and there's something similar for Mac and Windows laptops and PCs, too. 

Oh, human is stirring, so there may be a possibility of treats! See you later...

PS Not sure that link is showing up very clearly, so in case you didn't notice it all you have to do is click on the word Amazon above and it will take you straight to Reservoir Cats - enjoy!


  1. Great review, Shayna, and love your new blog!

  2. Thanks, Truman - glad you like it! :-)


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