Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bad Boyz And Pink Angels

Tribute Rider: @PillsterCat
Today's the day to polish up my motorbike, check the engine, fill the tank and make sure everything is ready for tonight's Bad Boyz of Twitter (#BBOT) and Pink Angels (#PA) #TributeRide

Run by @FreshOtis and @MickeyShortTail, it takes place on the last Tuesday of every month at 4pm EDT (that's 9pm in the UK). I like to be there a little early if I can, to chat to pals I don't always get the chance to meow with during the rest of the month and to get into formation ready to move off. 

It's always a stirring sight to see the Bad Boyz' and the Angels' banners fluttering in the breeze, carrying the names of pals being commemorated, and it's an emotional experience to hear the names of pals being called out as a tribute as we ride. There are always tears, of course, but there's laughter, too, as precious memories are recalled and shared. 

Pawesome poodle: @FreshOtis is
one of the #TributeRide organizers
The ride generally lasts for an hour, sometimes a little more, and the organizers ask us all to clear our schedules for that small amount of time each month. This is to respect the pals who are being commemorated and especially their families, and it really isn't much to ask - we can easily catch up with tweets about other events or on other subjects once the ride is over. 

We ride towards the Lake, where we set little lanterns afloat in pals' memory. We spend a little time in quiet contemplation, then we quietly ride home. Hopefully we have by then honored RB pals, given comfort to their families and strengthened the anipal community.

Would you like to join us? 

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